As many requested that I frequently sent news, I thought the blog might be easier.

The title of this blog is not random. Since I was a kid I dreamed of living in NYC. I dreamed of crossing the ocean and experiencing that land of opportunity. I grew up learning about the American Culture through the small and big screen. The country and its culture became more appealing to me, not only because of its most known cosmopolitan city, New York, but also because of all the other wonders it has to offer .

Since I got here, my only wish was to be able to take a car and drive across the country. I have kept it in a corner of my mind more as an illusion than as something I would have the opportunity to do. Anyone who works in the US will know that vacation time are limited and crossing the US in 14 days was, to me, simply not enough.

My life has lately been a roller coaster of good and bad. In need of some change, I have decided to take a break. A break from my career and from my life.

I have decided to take a car and drive through the South and West of the country for approximately 7 weeks.

Through this blog, I will share with you what I see and discover about a country I have been fascinated by.

I hope you will enjoy it. I can’t promise the frequency of my posts but I will do my best to keep you updated as often as I can.

Thank you for reading…