Something about American culture…

Dear All…

Before I post my new articles on Nashville and Asheville, I’d like to share 2 things with you.

First of all, I’d like to THANK everyone for your nice comments and support to my blog. I didn’t expect it at all and it really makes me feel blessed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Second, I would like to share with you a video, for those who didn’t see it on my Facebook.

It is the Commencement Speech Denzel Washington gave to the graduate of 2011 of the University of Pennsylvania. The overall message is so nice and I related so much to what he said, I felt the need to share it with you.

This speech and whom is giving it, it is what I think makes American culture special. There is always someone who speaks up about what life is, who tries to be a good example, who show that you need to fight and not give up. Americans are driven by this mentality of always pushing themselves further. Unfortunately, like anything, once it is taken to the extreme it could be wrong or dangerous. Whether it’s a politician, a writer, an artist, a sport player, they all try to be a role model for the next generations to come. I don’t know, maybe I have been away too long from Europe but I don’t recall it being the same overseas. Here, celebrity is something out of control, but some of those people used it to good ends and inspired others. It can be about success, it can be about illness, it can be about challenges life put you through. They might not be Hero, literally, but they are definitely someone to look up to. The fact that an actor, even so amazing like Denzel Washington, is giving a speech at an  Ivy school proves my point. It doesn’t matter what made you famous, but if you did good people might listen and might simply follow your advices because you did succeed!

I know, I sound very cheesy, and to some degree, I have always been a little bit so there should be no surprise there! I have said it a lot lately, this new chapter of my life is definitely inspired by this American mentality. Anyone can find in themselves the strength to get up and stand for what they believe in, to fight for what they want to accomplish because as they say it so well: no pain, no gain! I might not agree with all the causes, or some behaviors, but I respect the value that comes from it. I have been living here for more than 5 years now, so it is probably normal that I get influenced by the culture and got to appreciate it. Like everywhere in the world, there is good and bad. Some people unfortunately always brings out only the bad. I want to point out the good. The good in people, the good in cultures, the good in everything that surround us. Because that positive mentality is what, I think, makes you go forward and to a better place. No need to be too good, but essential to keep a right balance and remember that there is always both in everything and everyone.

Back to Denzel Washington’s speech. He’s not saying anything out of the world, but sometimes the simplest things are the truest and so here it is. The beginning of the speech is a bit rocky but hold on to it because it gets better. Enjoy it!

Denzel Washinton\’s speech at UPENN – 2011


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