As many requested that I frequently sent news, I thought the blog might be easier.

The title of this blog is not random. Since I was a kid I dreamed of living in NYC. I dreamed of crossing the ocean and experiencing that land of opportunity. I grew up learning about the American Culture through the small and big screen. The country and its culture became more appealing to me, not only because of its most known cosmopolitan city, New York, but also because of all the other wonders it has to offer .

Since I got here, my only wish was to be able to take a car and drive across the country. I have kept it in a corner of my mind more as an illusion than as something I would have the opportunity to do. Anyone who works in the US will know that vacation time are limited and crossing the US in 14 days was, to me, simply not enough.

My life has lately been a roller coaster of good and bad. In need of some change, I have decided to take a break. A break from my career and from my life.

I have decided to take a car and drive through the South and West of the country for approximately 7 weeks.

Through this blog, I will share with you what I see and discover about a country I have been fascinated by.

I hope you will enjoy it. I can’t promise the frequency of my posts but I will do my best to keep you updated as often as I can.

Thank you for reading…

23 responses to “Welcome!

  • Celine☀

    You go girl! I am so looking forward to follow your adventure! Yee-hah!!

  • ruth

    Love it!!!! Can’t wait to start reading all about this amazing journey!

  • Georgia

    WAY TO GO ESME!! I am so proud of you! It is a huge accomplishment to follow your dream, to drive across the country, and most of all–to share your experiences!! Can’t wait to see you on the west coast!! oxox

  • Nadia

    I’m so excited for you, Esme! I’m so happy that you are fulfilling your dream, and I am even happier that I can experience it along with you in this blog. Safe travels, and have the time of your life! xx

  • Papa

    Esmeralda chérie, more than anyone as your parents we are very proud of you and your happiness is ours. Vietnamese people say: “To know to win”. Bon voyage.

  • Ele

    I have to say, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ma boulette 🙂

  • Francine Walker

    Go girl! The girls and I will be with you every step o the way! Watch out for those rising waters, ::)))) The Walkers

  • tonton Duc

    Bisous Esmeralda,

    Je suis tres content d’avoir de tes nouvelles.
    Toujours nos pensees affectueuses de la part de nous tous te suivront ou que tu sois.

    tonton Duc

  • tonton Duc

    et n’oublie pas…

    si tu passes a Houston et environs, tonton est la pour t’accueillir, telephone moi stp
    tonton Duc

  • Babi


    In bocca al lupo per la grande avventura! Ti penso sempre e spero di vederti prestooooooooo…ma?!

    Un abbraccio fortissimo

  • Rachel R

    Beautiful post!! So happy for you : ) best of luck and do everything you have always wanted to go! Xoxo (and please be careful!)

  • Christelle

    Bon voyage ma belle, je suis certaine que cette expérience t’apportera beaucoup! Good luck et gros bisous

  • Marie

    Bravo Bravo Esmé!!!!!!!! J’ai hâte de te lire et je trouve formidable d’entreprendre un tel voyage! Bonne route…

  • Maryne

    I totally understand what you feel and what you are living right now, as I felt the same exactly 2 years ago… This is the best state of mind ever, doing this for yourself as a personal achievement, it is great and courageous. Passed the excitement combined to the fear, this adventure will draw a new turn in your life and you will come back as a new you, more confident and more strong than ever!! Priceless.
    I Can’t wait to read your adventures and to see your pics 😉 And remember…You rock!! Good luck and enjoy!

  • Olivia

    Hey Esmé, how great you’re hitting the road, you’re gonna have such a great time, see so many things, Enjoy and come back soon so we can hear your stories!!!
    Gros bisoussss and take care xxx

  • Darya

    Wow!!! I can´t believe this is all happening. Esme, I am so excited for you and cannot wait to hear about it all and follow you on making your dream come true at the same time follow you on this adventure!!!


  • LINA

    Esme, have a wonderful time. You are an inspiration to me and just be present to the fact that you make a huge difference on many of us. Sending you bushels of love.

  • Ginette

    Trop chouette, ginette!!! En plus je suis en exam, alors je vais etre assidue a ton blog!!!! bisous et bon voyage!!! Ca me fait trop penser a mon trip en Argentine!!! Profites!!!!

  • tonton Duc

    bisous Esmeralda,

    C’est tonton Duc, suis a Houston, si tu passes de ce cote du Texas, suis la pour t’accueillir avec la plus grande joie
    cell phone: 832 – 878 2955
    maison: 281 – 988 5477
    prudence sur la route et bonne continuation.
    Bisous de nous tous

  • tonton Duc

    bisous de nous tous
    Fanette repart a Bruxelles demain le 18, elle a bien reussi ses examens (98/100 et 92/100 et encore d’autres, c’est la gloire des Trang)et terminera son Bachelor’s degree en Decembre 2012 a UT Austin (un semestre avant terme)et te donne plein de bisous
    PRUDENCE sur la route
    (tes photos sont superbes!)
    avec toute notre affection et a bientot
    tonton Duc

  • tonton Duc

    Bisous Esmeralda,

    Tonton vient de lire ton article sur Nashville, tres interessant, je suis passe plusieurs fois par la aussi en revenant de Virginie par la route quand Remi etudiait a UVA.
    Bravo encore et bonne continuation, sois prudente sur la route.

    On est tous avec toi, bisous

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